This suite has been written in 1987, and consists of 4 separate dances
which don't have any thematic correlation with each other. Just like
RIKUDIM (4 Israeli Dances), BALKANYA (3 Balkanese Dances), A HIGHLAND
RHAPSODY (Scottish Rhapsody) or SLAVIA (Slavonic Rhapsody), all themes
and melodies are originally written (without using authentic folk
dances or tunes). In other words: the composer tried to write a dance
suite 'in the style of ...'. For some, they sound a little familiar to
Brahms' or Dvoraks Hungarian and Slavonic dances or to some parts of
Liszts' Hungarian Rhapsodies. By the way: the "Puszta" is a vaste
prairie in Hungary where gipsies used to move around with their (wild)
horses. The alternation of 'temperamental' and 'melancholic' themes and
moods is typical for the gipsy music as are the tempo changings. The
instrumentation is very bright and colourful, bringing all sections of
the symphonic wind band to the fore.
de Haske
Concert Band

Played this for PMEA

Played this for PMEA district band, it was so fun to play. all of the movements are amazing.

my middle school band played

my middle school band played this. haha we play grade 6 music....


We played this song this last weekend at the Colorado All State Band, and it is the most brilliant piece I have ever played. It will likely remain my favorite for quite some time.

Dobrá Práce

Anyone who enjoyed these will absolutely love Dvorak's Slavonic Dances. My regionals band played this. We were so into it that we added a big "Hey!" after the third movement. With correct stylizing, this can be one impressive production for any high school/ college band.

Pure Amazement

I will never be able to get enough of these songs. I would be so happy just to thank you for composing them. So...thank you! Very much!
I can't listen to Puszta without wanting to dance, even when I'm sitting down. Your music holds some of my fondest memories. It's unforgettable.


=] =] =] =] =]

Played this last year in Honors Wind Symphony. Absolutely LOVE it!!!

I absolutely love this

I absolutely love this piece!

I played it in high school and can't get enough of it. I especially love the clarinet part.

I am grateful for this

I am grateful for this absorbing write-up it has been a joy to peruse.

David Smith
breadman tr875

CD with this piece on it?

I have been looking for a legitimate place to buy a CD with this piece on it since I played it in High School which was now 5 years ago. I have not been able to find a trustworthy website to buy it from. Are there any places or specific CDs that you can think of that would most likely have it? I've looked all over the internet and have had minimal luck. Any help you can give would be appreciated very much.


P.S. I love this piece!

CD with Puszta on it


I also played this in high school and finally found the CD with Puszta on it.

It's called "The Wind Music of Jan Van Der Roost."


One of my other favorites, "A Highland Rhapsody," is also on that album.

Dance from Hungary

Dear Jan!

I am a dancing teacher from Hungary!! The Hungarian Puszta is a fascinating part of our native land. Our land.. but..
To tell you the truth I have never heard any inspirating music like your Puszta before. For me it was a love at first hearing!!
I've made a choreography for my dance group to the I. and III. parts of you composition. Wherever we shows our Puszta dance, the people are clapping by standing up, and some of them are almost crying.. just like me. One of my really wish to show you this dance if some day you'll come to Hungary.

I would like to say thanks to you because of inspiring me by your wonderful music!! ((Not only this, but a lot of your composition))

Thank you!! THANK YOU!!

Claryss (Hungary)